5 easy ways to improve your cultural intelligence as an organisation

Cultural intelligence, or ‘CQ’ is the currency of the future world of globalised business. Getting it wrong can be detrimental to reputation, but preventing a damaging PR scandal is just one of many reasons your organisation should take action now. Improving your CQ is proven to enhance your workforce’s valuable cultural capital, widen trade horizons, improve employee happiness and ensure all customers are treated well. Here are five things you can do right now:

1. Take a quick, free CQ test

Share it with your team members to find out how your organisation performs collectively on this vital performance metric. We recommend sharing the results widely within your company, even if the results aren’t looking so good! Transparency generates a supportive and discussion-led dynamic where any challenges can be addressed openly.

2. Alternatively, organise a free company-wide CQ test

Find out how your CQ ranks collectively as a company, then benefit from a tailor-made action plan to support your organisation’s global growth prospects.

3. Learn more languages with companies that enhance integration

Fact: language learning unlocks cultural curiosity and exposure. For in-person, try Speak Social. Their rich curriculum filled with games and group activities encourages conversation practice at meetups with the international community living in your city.

For online courses, try Chatterbox. Our language coaching offers gainful employment for professional refugees. We are currently offering free trials in partnership with the British Red Cross to eligible UK organisations. Find out more here.

4. Volunteer with a company like Breaking Barriers

This groundbreaking charity enhances refugee integration into our society through employment. Supporting their work not only improves our collective CQ as a nation, but integrates you and your team directly with people from rich cultural backgrounds that in turn will sharpen your own CQ as an individual.

5. Travel broadens the mind…

…and this is true of travelling for work too. Experiencing going abroad on business matters needn’t be limited to just the plane and the conference room. Whilst abroad, make sure you and your team have time to explore local customs and culture. Higher CQ leads to higher business conversion and profits, so it really is time well spent. Programmes like Remote Year offer immersive cultural experiences whilst working abroad.