Is your team ready for Brexit?


Does your team have the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the post-Brexit working environment? Identify your blind spots using this free test or read on to get expert advice and free resources to support their development.

How many people in your organisation speak a second language?

Post-Brexit, European language skills may be in ever increasing demand as British organisations wishing to collaborate with European customers or partners will find it harder to employ EU candidates. At the same time, the need for non-European language skills is growing - half of the most important languages for the UK economy identified by the British Council are non-European - Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Turkish and Japanese.

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Which international markets will be most important to your organisation after Brexit?

Imports, exports, sales, and data protection across a wide range of industries will be impacted by new trading rules currently being established with the EU. Changes in our relations with the rest of the world, including new trade deals, should also be factored into an assessment of an organisation's global HR and skills development strategy.

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Does your organisation have a way to develop relevant language skills and cultural knowledge?

British organisations wishing to build or maintain international partnerships post-Brexit need to pay more attention to the linguistic skills of their recruited workforce. Getting buy-in to operationalise existing skills may be easier than expected: More than half (58%) of UK adults wish they hadn’t let the language skills they learned at school slip and just over half (53%) regret not having made the most of studying languages when they had the chance according to the British Academy.

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How confident are you in your team's ability to work with more multicultural partners, colleagues, and clients?

The twin impact of accelerated globalisation and post-Brexit internationalisation may increase the linguistic and cultural diversity of people your team interacts with. These changes will demand high cultural intelligence, or CQ, among your workforce.

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