The Middle East Consultant: Andrew Cunningham, Darien Analytics

I am the Director of my own consulting and training business that has two areas of activity, corporate governance and bank risk, and a strong focus in the Middle East. I sometimes have to conduct business meetings in Arabic. However, it is difficult to maintain conversational Arabic to a high standard - the only way to do it is to have conversations in Arabic!

My language training needs are very specific and with Chatterbox I can get exactly what I need and I don't waste time learning anything I don't need. It's also very efficient in terms of time. Attending evening classes isn't realistic, either from a work perspective or a family perspective. With Chatterbox, I can be working at my desk during the day, break off for a one-hour online session, then go back to work. And I can add in extra practice sessions just before heading out to the Middle East.

Andrew Cunningham is Director at Darien Analytics.