The Humanitarian Aid Worker: Nadia Kevlin

“I work as an aid worker abroad so cultural skills are an integral part of the job, I am always working in offices where the vast majority of people are from a culture other than my own Western culture.

Languages are important because it opens up new opportunities - my primary interest is in Africa and as many African countries are Francophone, being able to work in French would effectively double the amount of job opportunities I would have. I have recently had to turn down a job offer in DRC because I did not feel my French was good enough.

I have had three Chatterbox sessions with two different teachers so far and I am happy with the experience and am sure I will continue. It has really given me an opportunity to just talk and I have been happy and surprised by how easy I’ve found that. Given my work in Africa I also have a lot to talk to the people about, we have some shared experiences and the conversation flows easily. Given that I would want to work on Francophone Africa it’s also really important for me to get used to accents other than European French.”