The International NGO: Becca Weighell, War Child UK

My Chatterbox tutor Sharif supports exactly the kind of language learning I require for my work, reflecting my learning style and building my confidence. I work with young people affected by conflict around the world, including in the Middle East. Being able to speak to them, even just a little bit, in their own language without a translator helps me build trust with the groups. This is vitally important as we are supporting them to speak out on sensitive issues such as abuse and the denial of their rights. It also helps me build a better relationship with my colleagues in our other offices.

Conversation practice with Sharif in a small group is totally invaluable. Before travelling to Jordan to work with Syrian refugees, I learned specific vocabulary and slang terminology appropriate for working with teenagers from a Syrian native speaker.

I have tried Arabic lessons before, but found the pace didn’t suit me and there was very limited opportunity to speak. I also couldn’t ask for specific lessons on topics that deviated from their syllabus. I have a lot of common ground with Sharif, we have plenty to talk about and his expertise covers my local requirements.

Becca Weighell works for War Child UK, a charity helping to rebuild the lives of children in war torn countries.