The University: Olga Nunez Pineiro, Westminster

“One example of how Chatterbox has had a positive impact on a student within our institution is the case of a First year undergraduate beginner who was very reluctant to contribute in the lessons due primarily to a lack of confidence in the foreign language. 

This particular student was always quiet with an extremely limited level of participation almost to the point of avoiding class interactions. However, at a given point during the second semester suddenly she began to engage and participate enthusiastically in the seminars. This sudden change of behaviour and attitude was obviously noticeable. When quizzed about this positive change, the student advised that she had taken up my suggestion of booking some sessions through Chatterbox and had found these invaluable to boost her self-confidence in the foreign language.

The opportunity to have these one-to-one sessions with a native speaker had helped the student in question enormously and without doubt led to the student attaining higher grades than she would have done otherwise. The development of her spoken language skills was impressive.”

Olga Nunez Pineiro is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster, London.