Originally from Damascus, Syria, Sharif earned a degree of Management & Leadership from Richland College, Texas and over 25 years of corporate experience in sales & marketing – during which he visited and worked around the world. Sharif is a passionate humanitarian activist and a big fan of multicultural celebration, especially in a city like London. His hobbies are playing the piano, classical & jazz music, sports, movies, and trying new food.


What students say about Sharif

Sharif is fantastic and really friendly; I’ve really enjoyed my classes with him. He helps stimulate really good conversation so I’ve started to gain a more fluency in speaking.
— James P
My tutor Sharif is kind, funny and great to practice with. He explains grammatical rules clearly and motivates you to learn more. I’ve gained better pronunciation, more vocabulary, new sentences and grammatical clarifications. I now have a better understanding of verb usages, and how to write and pronounce Arabic words correctly. He always tries to answer my questions clearly, with straight forward examples. Sharif explains how the Arabic language works with passion.
— Daniel M

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