Conversation Practice for University Language Courses

With Chatterbox’s award-winning, on-demand language practice service you can easily enrich your student experience while making a positive difference in the world.


Why Chatterbox


Better learning outcomes, better student experience, better world.


Boost outcomes

Demonstrated positive impact on student retention, attainment, and experience on university language courses.

Improve job placement

Our expert coaches educate your students on the industries and markets speaking their target languages.

Wider impact

Addresses one of the defining social issues of our times - forced displacement - while engendering inclusivity on campus.

The opportunity to have one-to-one sessions with a native speaker has without doubt led to higher grades.
— Olga Nunez Pineiro, Senior Lecturer, University of Westminster

What we offer

Chatterbox offers online conversation and tuition practice in 12 languages: Arabic, Bengali, French, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin, Persian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Turkish and Urdu.

Our online, on-demand delivery strategy produces seamless integration into students’ timetables.

Our AI-powered self-study curriculum is ideal to support individual learning goals of each student.


How to get started

Tell us about you

Tell us a little bit about the structure of the university and the goals that you would like to achieve.

We get in touch

We get back to you with our idea to best suit your need and with a free demo of the Chatterbox app.

We onboard learners

We help you to roll out Chatterbox as a supplement to the learning modules already in place.



We tailor our prices for higher education institutions, with volume discounts. Talk to us to find the best solution that works for you.


Are you a primary school teacher?

We also offer a free introduction to Arabic language and culture in schools across the UK


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