Safeguarding Basics

January 2017

We take the safety and wellbeing of our students and coaches seriously; before attending a session please make sure you are familiar with the following safety tips.


Chatterbox in-person classes should occur in open public spaces – don’t go to somebody’s house, or to other private areas. You should make sure someone knows where you are.

Chatterbox in-person sessions are designed for adult learning and we do not ask for DBS checks from our coaches.

Don’t share financial information, or unnecessary personal information. If you are asked for information you don’t feel comfortable sharing, please report this to a member of our team.

Equal Opportunities & Discrimination

We expect all Chatterbox staff, volunteers, advisers and students to show respect for the cultural background, personal dignity, and values of all individuals involved.

We do not tolerate discriminatory abuse, and ask you to report any incidences of abuse which you become aware of to the team. 


You have a duty of confidence over the information that you have about Chatterbox staff and coaches. We expect you to treat this information respectfully and to maintain people’s privacy.

Information & Sharing

If you believe somebody is at risk, you must assume it is your responsibility to raise a safeguarding concern rather than assuming someone else will do so. Please contact us.

If you believe or suspect that a crime has been committed, or that an individual is immediately at risk, you should share information with the local authority and/or the police.


If you feel that there is a safeguarding situation which requires you to take action, we expect you to talk to the person in question about the best way to respond, so that they are involved and have control over decisions.