Self-employment FAQS


As a coach for Chatterbox you are self-employed. Other terms you may see to refer to your self-employed status are: independent worker, independent contractor, or freelancer.

If you are resident in another country for tax purposes, you should research what the laws are in that country to ensure you are registered and paying tax correctly. For example, in France the terminology used is “travailleur independent”.

It is important that you understand your employment status for tax purposes and you should do your own research to ensure this.

Listed below are some of the key questions you may have around your status as a self-employed coach, and links to resources that may be helpful. This information only applies to Chatterbox coaches in the UK:

Do I have to register as self-employed?

Usually, self-employed people must register as self-employed and file a self-assessment form. However, there are exceptions. If you qualify for the £1,000 trading allowance you do not need to register as self-employed.

What is the £1,000 trading allowance?

The trading allowance of £1,000 means that if your total income as a self-employed person is less than £1,000 for the year then there is a complete exemption from income tax. This means you do not need to pay income tax on your self-employed income.

You also do not have to register with HMRC or file a tax return provided that your total income as a self- employed person is below this level.

You should monitor your income year-to-year to ensure that your income does not go above £1,000 as you will otherwise need to register as self-employed and complete a self-assessment.

What if I am also self-employed in another role or I am employed in another job?

If you are self-employed in another role (or multiple other roles) you must add up all of your income from all of these roles. If the amount is over £1,000 then you are not eligible for the exception and must register as self-employed.

The income you make from employment is not included, as long as you earn less than £1,000 in all of your self-employed roles you do not have to register as self-employed or file a tax return.

If I earn over £1,000 in self-employed roles do I need to register as self-employed?

If you earn over £1,000 in self-employed roles then you need to register as self-employed. Useful resources are listed below:

Register as self-employed here.

Are there some cases where I earn less than £1,000 but still need to register as self-employed?

If you want to claim Tax Free Childcare costs based on your self-employment income or you want to claim Maternity Allowance based on your self-employment you will need to register as self-employed.

You can still use the trade allowance with the income tax exemption but you will need to submit a self-assessment.

You can find more information about this here.

As a self-employed coach, how do I get paid?

As a self-employed Chatterbox coach you will be paid upon the submission of an invoice. Once you become a Chatterbox coach, our system will guide you to easily generate invoices each month you will only have to provide your personal details and bank account details.

Find guidance and support videos on how to register as self-employed, keep records, file your tax return, and some exceptions that may apply to you.