Eric Anzi


I am from Brazzaville, Congo. Back home, after completing my French Baccalauréat I served in the army (the police and gendarmerie) where I had the opportunity to get a scholarship to study from the Cuban government.

My career as a teacher started in Cuba, after my degree in education and sports. I also gained qualifications as a French teacher and translator from Spanish to French at the French Alliance (Alliance Française) and Varona Rodriguez University.

The first challenge I faced in the UK was the linguistic barriers. The second was the difficulty to be accepted by the UK's education system because of my qualification from Cuba. They requested for me to get an official recognition of all my qualifications from Cuba. I did this through the refugee council, but I was told it was not possible to work as a teacher. They added that I have to go back to the university here to gain UK education training and obtain new qualifications.

Working with Chatterbox is a great experience and a good opportunity to be known as a teacher, translator and tutor, giving me an entry point into the UK's education system.

In the future I would like to open a tuition centre where I will work with students of all categories in different subjects.