Mohammad Asi


“I was born in a city called Manbej in northern Syria. I got my bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Language from Damascus University. I started my teaching journey as an English teacher in public and private schools and after the war broke out, the schools were closed down. I changed my career then and worked as a freelance journalist. Later I founded a local newspaper in my city , which I ran for one year until I was forced to stop again and flee after ISIS took control of my city.

I came to the UK in 2014 and faced many difficulties at the beginning as my experience and degree were not widely recognised and I had to build up a new life from nothing.

Chatterbox gave me the opportunity to relocate my experience in teaching and my knowledge in Arabic and that made me aware of the importance of teaching. After my good experience with Chatterbox, I was encouraged to continue in teaching Arabic and then decided to pursue my studies, enrolling in a TAFL PostDip at SOAS. Chatterbox also supported me in my application and wrote a reference to the university and due to that SOAS offered me a discount in the admission fees.

I am looking to do an MA in Arabic after finishing my diploma.”