We’re reaching for a world without wasted human potential


01. Mission

We provide a platform for refugees to demonstrate their full potential, connecting their talent with demand from companies. Empowering people to reenter the world of work with confidence and self assertion, we simply provide the tools for them to rebuild a valuable network and achieve professional growth. In parallel, we strengthen businesses with global expertise and inclusivity. Through valuable learner/coach exchange driven by common interests and professional backgrounds, we’re breaking down barriers and tackling social prejudice head on.


02. Vision

We see a world where refugees are no longer marginalised and underemployed. One where this vastly untapped talent is transformed into the secret weapon of the most innovative organisations that are leading the way in how business will be conducted in the future - globally. We envision a workforce empowered by the unbridled use of their talents, and the freedom to navigate the global economy with confidence and flair.


03. Values

  • Respect: professional and personal respect of everyone we work with, which also means accountability is applied to everyone!

  • Ambition: we look to scale our vision worldwide, producing systemic change in recruitment and inspiring other organisations to support this too.

  • Understanding: we strive to recognise why people have fallen outside of gainful employment, and what the obstacles they face are.

  • A hand up, not a hand out: we empower the people we work with to make their own success, we don’t do it for them.


Meet the team

A small and well-oiled machine, everyone at Chatterbox is a specialist in their field, united by our vision for a world without untapped human potential.

Fantastic cause. Great idea, useful service, lovely people - what’s not to love?
— Peter, Somali learner